Web Development

Develop you land page for a cost very low. Other developments also available like JavaScript or HTML5 pages with PHP programming.

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Games Development

We create games for your bussiness.

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Mobile Apps

You bussiness on your fingertip for Android and iPhone.

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Free hosting

Until the end of 2014 all the domains YourCompany.Magikube.com have free hosting for 10 years! All the rest domain hosting (like YourCompany.co.uk) is 10£ per year. Grab this promotion now!

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Chess Master Boards

The ultimate vintage chess board colletion website just arrived. If you like chess for sure you will love this webpage. Astonishing chess boards many of them hand made with fine ending details. Please check it at http://www.chessmasterboards.com.magikube.com/ .

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Algarve Best Holidays Deals

Discover one of the best regions on the world for Holidays – Algarve. With the purpose to publicize the main attractions of Algarve, this webpage is a comprehensive guide of all what this region have to offer. In the future new touristic regions will be produced under the main domain of BestHolidaysDeals.com . The final […]

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Special May Offer! 75% Off!

Hello! May brings you a very special promotion. We make a 75% discount in every budget that you send to us. Yes, you only pay 25% of the budget. This means for example that a budget of 1.000£ can be transformed into a 250£. Great isn’t?

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Brazilian Social Dance

(click on image to visit webpage) We are very proud to announce the very first official webpage “made in” Magikube. Is about a professional dance school in London of Zouk Lambada. The page is responsive, this means that can be easily seen in a webpage as a mobile phone.

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Welcome to MagiKube!

Welcome to MagiKube! This is the place that you have searched for a long time. A place where the solution to your original online idea resides. Very low cost is now possible for a large ammount of projects or dreams that you may want to unleash to the online world.  This is achieved with the deliver of a […]

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